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Crosschain Redelgation

To migrate the exisiting delegation from BNB Beacon chain (the old BSC staking) to the new BNB smart chain native staking, crosschain redelegation can be used. A user can submit a message called MsgSideChainStakeMigration to the Beacon chain. Underlying, it will unbound the delegation immediately on BC (without wating unbond period), sends a cross-chain transaction to BSC to delegate to a native BSC validator.

The definition of MsgSideChainStakeMigration is as the blow.

type MsgSideChainStakeMigration struct {
    ValidatorSrcAddr sdk.ValAddress        `json:"validator_src_addr"`
    ValidatorDstAddr sdk.SmartChainAddress `json:"validator_dst_addr"`
    DelegatorAddr    sdk.SmartChainAddress `json:"delegator_addr"`
    RefundAddr       sdk.AccAddress        `json:"refund_addr"`
    Amount           sdk.Coin              `json:"amount"`
  • ValidatorSrcAddr: validator address on the BC (bech32 format)
  • ValidatorDstAddr: new validator operator address on the BSC (eth format)
  • DelegatorAddr: delegation beneficiary address on the BSC (eth format)
  • RefundAddr: delegator (message sender) address on the BC (bech32 format)
  • Amount: the BNB amount for redelgation (decimal 8)

Be noted: please make sure input the DelegatorAddr correctly, otherwise you will lose the fund permanently.

For more details, please refer to the codes: