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Launch BNB Sidechain


Before running command you must do following steps:

  • Ensure you have a dedicated machine that have at least 8 dedicated CPU core and 32GB RAM, as it needs to run 7 nodes.
  • Make sure you have a wildcard domain * set to your machine (use a dedicated machine with a public IP).
  • Modify the config.json file to update parameters as you need (you can find all addresses in the keystore folder).

Config file parameters

The config file structure is as such:

  • chainId โ€” identifier of your chain in BNB Sidechain.
  • validators โ€” list of initial validator set (make sure that you have the same list in docker compose file).
  • systemTreasury โ€” address of system treasury that accumulates 1/16 of rewards (might be governance).
    • consensusParams โ€” parameters for the consensus and staking.
    • activeValidatorsLength โ€” suggested values are (3k+1, where k is honest validators, even better): 7, 13, 19, 25, 31...
    • epochBlockInterval โ€” length of an epoch, specified in blocks; recommended length is 1 day (86400/3=28800, where 3s is block time).
    • misdemeanorThreshold โ€” after missing this amount of blocks per day validator losses all daily rewards (penalty).
    • felonyThreshold โ€” after missing this amount of blocks per day validator goes in jail for N epochs.
    • validatorJailEpochLength โ€” how many epochs validator should stay in jail (7 epochs = ~7 days).
    • undelegatePeriod โ€” allow claiming funds only after 6 epochs (~7 days).
    • minValidatorStakeAmount โ€” how many tokens validator must stake to create a validator (in ETH).
    • minStakingAmount โ€” minimum staking amount for delegators (in ETH).
  • initialStakes โ€” initial stakes fot the validators (must match with validators list).
  • votingPeriod โ€” default voting period for the governance proposals.
  • faucet โ€” map with initial balances for faucet and other needs.


You have two launching options:

  • Default option
  • Without a balance loader and SSL certificates

Default option

You can check the Makefile to choose more interesting commands, but if you just need to set up everything, just run:

apt update
apt install build-essential socat
git clone bas --recursive
cd bas make all

The variable DOMAIN_NAME should be set to your domain.

Deployed services can be access though next endpoints:

Without a balance loader and SSL certificates

If you want to run a node without a load balancer and SSL certificates, run:

make all-no-balancer

Exposed ports

Docker Compose files expose next ports:

  • 7432 - Blockscout PostgreSQL database
  • 4000 - Blockscout Explorer
  • 3000 - Faucet UI
  • 3001 - Staking UI
  • 8545 - RPC endpoint
  • 8546 - WS endpoint
  • 30303 - Bootnode