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When to Choose BNB Sidechain

BNB Sidechain is recommended for large decentralized applications with more than 100k Daily Active Users (DAUs). It is designed to be the go-to choice for any application that wants to build its own chain with high speed, ultra-low gas fee, and its own gas token.

Benefits of Choosing BNB Sidechain

  • Own Your Own Blockchain and Gas Token

    Introduce more utilities through Gas tokens. Have flexibility in designing your own validator set and tools.

  • High TPS, Ultra Low Gas Fees, and Full EVM Compatibility

    Sustainable growth. Great user experience. Assurance of consistent performance on the network.

  • Backed by the Largest Ecosystems by BSC and BNB Sidechain

    BSC and BNB Sidechain are seamlessly integrated and BSC DeFi/NFT liquidity and user base (>2M DAU ATH).

  • Free of Programming Languages Constraints or API Standards

    BNB Sidechain is a set of smart contracts written in any possible programming language. The contract executor itself can be anyone and work in any way; BNB Sidechain does not require the use of any specific set of programming languages or API standards.