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Fast Node on BNB Smart Chain


Fast Node does not generate Trie Data when syncing.
Once the Fast Node is running, there is no way to switch back to Full Node.
Need to re-download snapshot data to restore it to Full Node.

Fast Node Functions

  • Stores the full blockchain history on disk and can answer the data request from the network.
  • Receives and validates the new blocks and transactions.
  • Verifies the states of every account.

Steps to Run a Fast Node

Download the pre-build binaries from release page or follow the instructions below:

# Linux
wget $(curl -s |grep browser_ |grep geth_linux |cut -d\" -f4)
mv geth_linux geth
chmod -v u+x geth

# MacOS
wget $(curl -s |grep browser_ |grep geth_mac |cut -d\" -f4)
mv geth_mac geth
chmod -v u+x geth

Download the config files

Download genesis.json and config.toml by:

wget   $(curl -s |grep browser_ |grep mainnet |cut -d\" -f4)

Download snapshot

Download latest chaindata snapshot from here. Follow the guide to structure your files.


Your --datadir flag should point to the extracted chaindata folder path

Prune all trie data

Fast node does not need trie data anymore, prune the trie data by the following command.

./geth snapshot insecure-prune-all --datadir ./node  ./genesis.json

Start Fast Node Without Snapshot Verification

You can start Fast Node without snapshot verification by verify nodes.

## start a fast node
./geth --tries-verify-mode none --config ./config.toml --datadir ./node --cache 8000 --rpc.allow-unprotected-txs --txlookuplimit 0

Or start Fast Node With Snapshot Verification

  1. Add verifyNodes peers in config.toml.
MaxPeers = 1350
NoDiscovery = false
BootstrapNodes = ["enode://...", "enode://...", ...]
VerifyNodes = ["enode://...", "enode://...", ...]
StaticNodes = ["enode://...", "enode://...", ...]
ListenAddr = ":30311"
EnableMsgEvents = false
  1. Start your fast node with snapshot verification by verify nodes.
## start a fast node
./geth --tries-verify-mode full --config ./config.toml --datadir ./node --cache 8000 --rpc.allow-unprotected-txs --txlookuplimit 0