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Verify Node on BNB Smart Chain

Verify Node Functions

  • Stores the full blockchain history on disk and can answer the data request from the network.
  • Receives and validates the new blocks and transactions.
  • Verifies the states of every account.
  • Verifies the states of a Fast Node.

Steps to Run a Verify Node

  1. Download the pre-build binaries from release page or follow the instructions below:
# Linux
wget $(curl -s |grep browser_ |grep geth_linux |cut -d\" -f4)
mv geth_linux geth
chmod -v u+x geth

# MacOS
wget $(curl -s |grep browser_ |grep geth_mac |cut -d\" -f4)
mv geth_mac geth
chmod -v u+x geth
  1. Download the config files

Download genesis.json and config.toml by:

wget   $(curl -s |grep browser_ |grep mainnet |cut -d\" -f4)
  1. Download snapshot

Download latest chaindata snapshot from here. Follow the guide to structure your files.


Your --datadir flag should point to the extracted chaindata folder path

  1. Start verify node
./geth --config ./config.toml --datadir ./node --cache 8000 --rpc.allow-unprotected-txs --history.transactions 0 --enabletrustprotocol --disablesnapprotocol --disablediffprotocol

Make sure you use the version of geth you downloaded with wget above, and not your local installation of geth, which might be the wrong version.