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BNB Chain Development Tools

In order to check the latest updates on the ecosystem of BNB Chain, visit our official GitHub Page.

The goal of this page is to provide the current status of the open-source BNB Smart Chain Tech Stack and highlight the potential interesting projects that are most demanded by the BSC community and ecosystem.


BNB Smart Chain is a 100% EVM compatible blockchain, and is one of the prime choices for decentralized application (dApp) development within many possible verticals including DeFi, NFT, Gaming, and many others.

To get a better understanding of the current BSC landscope, we divide each of the layers into the various components which we feel are most important. We then highlight some of the existing projects as well as some potentially interesting projects that we would like to fund by Binance Accelerator Funds. If you see a component with 0 or 1 existing projects then it's likely that we would consider grant support in this area. By describing our areas of priority in detail we do not wish to preclude grant applications that address different areas that we may not have thought of. We would like to fund all projects that bring value to the ecosystem.

📝 This is a living document and we are relying on our community to contribute to this and help maintain it. Please feel free to make edits and additions via pull requests.

Layers of BSC Stack

In the below sections you can find a list of different layers of the BSC Stack.

Explorer and Wallets

ComponentsExisting ProjectsPotentially Interesting Projects
Desktop WalletsWise Safe (a port of Gnosis Safe), TokenPocket, infinity Wallet
Browser ExtensionsBinance Wallet, MetaMask, MathWallet, SafePal, BitKeep, Coin98, Rabby Wallet, Onto, Slope
Mobile WalletsMathWallet, TrustWallet, BitKeep, TokenPocket, SafePal, ONTO Wallet, 1Inch Wallet, Coin98, Onto, Slope
Web (burner) WalletsTorus,MyEtherWallet (MEW), Guarda
CLI Walletgeth, Seth
Wallet SDKsBSC Connector, Venly,, Web3Auth, Particle Network
Multisignature WalletsMultiSigWalletGnosis, Qredo
Hardware WalletsLedger, Trezor, SafePal
Block ExplorersBSCScan, BSCtrace, NFTscan, Mintscan
Validator DashboardsBSCScan, BSC-Staking
Governance DashboardsUI for BSC proposal/vote
BNBChain List ExplorerBNBChain List


ComponentsExisting ProjectsPotentially Interesting Projects
API/Node AccessNodereal, Ankr, Chainstack, NowNodes, QuickNode, Covalent, Infstones, Moralis
NFT APIsMoralis, NFTScan, BlockVision, Venly, Gomu, Bounce Finance, NFTrade, SubQuery
Archive Node ServiceChainstack, InfStones, QuickNode, Nodereal’s Meganode
Public RPC EndpointsRPC EndpointsMore public nodes are encouraged
Community Polling Dashboard
Gas Station Networkopengsn
FaucetBSC Test Faucet
Dapp StoreDapp Bay, Magic Square

Tools, APIs and Languages

ComponentsExisting ProjectsPotentially Interesting Projects
Smart Contract LanguagesSolidity, Vyper
Dev FrameworksTruffle, Embark, Waffle, Dapp, OpenZeppelin SDK,hardhat, Starton
IDEsBSC Studio,Remix,Intellij Solidity Plugin, ChainIDE
Lint ToolsSolhint, Ethlint, Manticore, Slither, Echidna
Testing ToolsSolidity code coverage, Solidity function profiler, eth-tester
Test Blockchain Networksbscnode, Ganache
Security ToolsMythX, Mythril, Oyente, Securify, Solgraph, solc-verify
ABI (Application Binary Interface) ToolsABI decoder, ABI-gen, Ethereum ABI UI
MonitoringNeufund - Smart Contract Watch, BlockScout, Terminal, Ethereum-watcher
Frontend BSC APIsWeb3.js, Eth.js, Ethers.js, light.js
Backend BSC, Web3.php, Java Web3, Net Web3, Ruby Web3

Goto BSC Developer Ecosystem to navigate the full list.

Dapps infra

ComponentsExisting ProjectsPotentially Interesting Projects
Data Analytics & VisualizationThe Graph,DappRadar,,CMC,,DefiStation,BitQuery,PARSIQ, CryptoSlam, Nakji, Dune, YeildWatch, DeBank, Bloxy, Footprint Analytics, Web3Go, SubQuery
NFT MarketplacesRareboard, Venly, NFTrade, Element
OracleBinance Oracle, Band Protocol, ChainLink, Pyth, Supra
Archive DataInfStones
Decentralized StorageIPFS, Filecoin, Arweave,
Cross Chain BridgesrenVM, NerveNetwork,PolyNetwork, Orbit Bridge, Celer cbridge, ChainHop, LayerZero, HashFlow , AxelarDecentralized, trustless, Open Access
BrowsersBrave, Opera
Identity/DID/CredentialsOntology, Galaxy, Space ID, CyberConnect
Easy Wallet OnboardingWeb3auth, Venly, Sequence
Social NetworkingPrometeus, CyberConnect
Gasless SolutionsBiconomy
Governance/DAOTally, Collab.Land, Coinshift, Snapshot,
Gaming Related InfrastructureCarv (Gaming Credential), Community Gaming (Tournament), GameSpace
Security AuditCertik, PeckShield, SlowMist, Staging Labs, Go+ / Plus, Verichains, HashDit, Halborn, Trail of Bits, Consensys Diligence, Zokyo
PaymentSWFT, MultiSenderCeler Network, Connext
Payment GatewayBinance Connect, Okse, Kado, SuperFluid, Pip, Bifinity, MoonPay, Transak