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How to Run A Fullnode Using BSC Docker Image


Supported Platforms

We support running a BSC docker image on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Steps to Run a Fullnode in Docker

Install Docker

Post install:

Start docker during boot up:

systemctl enable docker.service
systemctl enable containerd.service

Add user "ubuntu" to group docker so the user has privileges to run docker commands:

usermod -aG docker ubuntu

Pull BSC Node Image

docker pull

Download BSC Node Config Files

Download genesis.json and config.toml by:


wget   $(curl -s |grep browser_ |grep mainnet |cut -d\" -f4)


wget   $(curl -s |grep browser_ |grep mainnet |cut -d\" -f4)

Running Docker Container

  1. Dockers Variables and Config file Location

Important Environment Variables to note:

$BSC_HOME = /bsc
$DATA_DIR = /data

File location:

  • BSC_CONFIG=${BSC_HOME}/config/config.toml
  • BSC_GENESIS=${BSC_HOME}/config/genesis.json
  1. Docker Volumes to Mount

Essentially we need to bind mount two directories:

Blockchain datadata/node/bsc/node
Config filesconfig/bsc/config
  1. Download data on local host Download latest chaindata snapshot from here. Follow the guide to structure your files.

  2. Start container

You can also use ETHEREUM OPTIONS to overwrite settings in the configuration file:

docker run -v $(pwd)/config:/bsc/config -v $(pwd)/data/node:/bsc/node -p 8575:8575 --rm --name bsc -it --http.addr --http.port 8575 --http.vhosts '*' --verbosity 5
  • -p 8575:8575: This will map port 8575 from host to container, so it exposes 8575 on host node.
  • --http --http.addr Extra Geth flags to enable RPC and listen on all network interfaces of the container.

NOTE: port 8575 is the default port for the RPC service on TESTNET. If you are using mainnet the default port is 8545.

  1. Start Geth console
geth attach http://localhost:8575

How to access the container

Execute bash (shell/terminal) on the container named bsc:

docker exec -it bsc bash

Once logged in you can perform regular tasks you would do on a node without docker.

How to Check Node Running Status

Check Synchronization

Start Geth Console:

geth attach ipc:node/geth.ipc

Once started, run:


Check Geth Logs

tail -f node/bsc.log