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How to Use AlphaWallet for BNB Smart Chain on Your Mobile


  1. Get App from Andriod Play Store, iOS app Store, Andriod APK file or iOS TestFlight Or you can make your own build from the open source code

  2. Open AlphaWallet on your mobile, backup Seed Phrase

Setup Your Wallet for BNB Smart Chain

  1. Click Setting tab, Select Active Network

  2. Select BNB Chain. If you want to enable the testnet as well, select BNB Chain(test).

Setup Your DApp browser for BNB Smart Chain

  1. Click Browser tab, Click the Ethereum

  2. In the browser active network page, select BNB Chain or BNB Chain(Test)

It’s ready, and now you can get some testnet BNB from the faucet.

Get Testnet Fund

  1. Copy your address.

  2. Go to