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Each Greenfield user has their own address as the identifier for his/her account. The addresses can create objects to store on Greenfield, bear and manage the permissions, and pay fees.

Greenfield defines its account in the same format as BSC and Ethereum. It starts with ECDSA secp256k1 curve for keys and is compliant with EIP84 for full BIP44 paths. The root HD path for Greenfield-based accounts is m/44'/60'/0'/0. In the readable presentation, a Greenfield address is a 42-character hexadecimal string derived from the last 20 bytes of the public key of the controlling account with 0x as the prefix.

With this compatible address scheme, the users can reuse existing accounts and infrastructure from BSC on Greenfield. For example, they can use TrustWallet and Metamask (or other compatible wallets) to deposit their BNB from BSC to Greenfield and interact with dApps on Greenfield. It is also easy to identify the same owner by referring to the same addresses on both BSC and Greenfield.

User Balance

The account can hold a balance of BNB. These BNBs can be used to participate in staking, pay for gas fees of Greenfield transactions, and pay for Greenfield services.

This balance can be added via native BNB transfer on Greenfield, or cross-chain transfer between Greenfield and BSC.

Account Definition

In the Greenfield, an account designates a pair of PubKey and PrivKey. The PubKey can be derived to generate various Addresses, which are used to identify users (among other parties) in the application.


The principal way of authenticating a user is done using digital signatures. Users sign transactions using their own private key. Signature verification is done with the associated public key. For on-chain signature verification purposes, we store the public key in an Account object (alongside other data required for a proper transaction validation).

In the node, all data is stored using Protocol Buffers serialization.

Greenfield only supports secp256k1 key schemes for creating digital signatures:

Address length in bytesPublic key length in bytesUsed for transaction authenticationUsed for consensus (Tendermint)


Addresses and PubKeys are both public information that identifies actors in the application. Account is used to store authentication information. The basic account implementation is provided by a BaseAccount object.

To identify users, Greenfield uses the variable AccAddress. The address format follows ERC-55.