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Greenfield is a decentralized storage infrastructure within the broader BNB chain ecosystem where users and dApps can create, store, and exchange data with full ownership to form a new data economy. BNB remains the main utility token on Greenfield, which can be used to pay the gas fee and storage fees. Unlike centralized storage services that present a single point of failure, DePIN like Greenfield, strategically disperses data across numerous nodes or storage points, providing a robust alternative to conventional storage services.

There is a native cross-chain bridge between Greenfield and BSC (BNB Smart Chain), and BNB can be transferred between BSC and Greenfield. For more details about the cross-chain, you can refer to Cross Chain.

Greenfield defines its account in the same format as BSC and Ethereum, with this compatible address scheme, you can reuse existing accounts and infrastructure from BSC. For example, you can use TrustWallet, Metamask or other compatible wallets to deposit your BNB from BSC to Greenfield and interact with dApps on Greenfield. It is also easy to identify the same owner by referring to the same addresses on both BSC and Greenfield.


The Greenfield Mainnet, a decentralized storage service, has been launched and is now available for use. It is important to note that the buckets and objects on the Greenfield Testnet will be regularly cleansed. Therefore, please refrain from storing important data on Greenfield Testnet, considering Greenfield Mainnet instead.