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Managing New Stakes with BNB Staking dApp

Leverage the BNB staking dApp for streamlined management of your stakes. This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough for using the dApp on both testnet and mainnet.

Connecting Your Wallet

To interact with the dApp, first connect your web3 wallet. Currently, TrustWallet (mainnet only) and MetaMask are supported, along with any wallets compatible with WalletConnect.

Delegate Stakes

  1. Select a validator to delegate your stakes to. Detailed information about each validator is available on their respective pages.
  2. Click the Delegate button to initiate a new delegation.

  3. Enter the amount of BNB you wish to delegate.

  4. After confirming the delegation, your connected wallet will prompt you to sign the transaction. Successful transactions will be visible in the My Staking page, complete with transaction hash.

Redelegate Stakes

On the My Staking page, you can manage your existing delegations.

Note: A redelegation fee of 0.002% applies to discourage frequent switching between validators.

  1. Click Redelegate to shift your stake to a different validator.

  2. In the ensuing popup, select your new validator and specify the amount to redelegate. You can opt to move the entire amount or just a portion.

Undelegate Stakes

To undelegate:

  1. Click the Undelegate button next to the relevant delegation.

  2. You can choose to undelegate the entire amount or a portion. Note that undelegated stakes are subject to a 7-day unbonding period before they are returned to your account.

Claim Stakes

After the unbonding period, you can claim your stakes by clicking the Claim button.


Which wallet can be used to delegate to the new validators?

Currently, MetaMask and TrustWallet (mainnet only) and are supported, along with any wallets compatible with WalletConnect.

As a validator operator, should I keep both the original validator after I create a new validator on the BSC?

It is recommended to keep both validators for a period of time to allow for smooth migration. It would be better to ask your delegators to migrate their stakes to the new validator. After your new validator is elected as cabinet or candidate, you can safely retire the old validator.

How should I migrate my delegations if my BNB was delegated through the BSC smart contract?

Please refer to the stake migration guide for BEP153 delegations.