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Claim test tBNB Tokens

Claim tBNB from Online Faucet

To get some tBNB of BSC testnet for testing purposes, you can use the online faucet to claim your tokens.

  1. Copy your wallet address and paste the address into the textbox

  2. Select the tokens you need to claim. Major pegged tokens like BUSD, USDT, and others are supported.

  3. Please note if your wallet balance is larger than 1 tBNB, you can not get new tBNB from the Discord bot faucet.*

Claim tBNB from Discord

  1. Visit the BNB Chain Discord faucet channel
  2. Type /faucet {your receiver account} and sent.
  3. You will receive 0.3 tBNB in few seconds.

You can only claim once in 24 hours.

Claim tBNB from Third-party Faucets

You can also claim tBNB from the following third-party faucets