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World State

All Greenfield validators have access to up-to-date active data in full. Anyone can join the blockchain as a full node and freely synchronize this data.

The active data is stored on-chain and can only be updated through transactions on the Greenfield blockchain. There are several types of active data, which are described below.

Accounts and Balance

Each user has their "Owner Address" as the identifier for their owner account to "own" the data resources. There is another "payment account" type dedicated to billing and payment purposes and owned by owner addresses.

Both owner accounts and payment accounts can hold the BNB balance on Greenfield. Users can deposit BNB from BSC, accept transfers from other users, and spend them on transaction gas and storage usage.

Validator and SP Metadata

These are the basic information about the Greenfield validators and Greenfield SPs. SPs may have more information, as it has to publish their service information for users' data operations. There should be a reputation mechanism for SPs as well.

Storage Metadata

The "storage metadata" includes size, ownership, checksum hashes, and distribution location among SPs. Similar to AWS S3, the basic unit of the storage is an "object", which can be a piece of binary data, text files, photos, videos, or any other format. Users can create their objects under their "bucket". A bucket is globally unique. The object can be referred to via the bucket name and the object ID. It can also be located by the bucket name, the prefix tag, and the object ID via off-chain facility.

Permission Metadata

Data resources on Greenfield, such as the data objects and the buckets, all have access control, such as which address can create, read, list, or even execute the resources, and which address can grant/revoke these permissions.

Two other data resources also have access control. One is "Group". A group represents a group of user addresses that have the same permissions to the same resources. It can be used in the same way as an address in the access control. Meanwhile, it requires permission too to change the group. The other is "payment account". They are created by the owner accounts.

Here the access control is enforced by the SPs off-chain. People can test and challenge the SPs if they mess up the control. Slash and reward will happen to keep the SPs sticking to the principles.

Billing Metadata

Users have to pay fees to store data objects on Greenfield. While each object enjoys a free quota to download by users who are permitted to, the excessive download will require extra data packages to be paid for the bandwidth. Besides the owner address, users can derive multiple "Payment Addresses" to pay these fees. Objects are stored under buckets, while each bucket can be associated with these payment addresses, and the system will charge these accounts for storing and/or downloading. Many buckets can share the same payment address. Such association information is also stored on chains with consensus as well.