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Atomic Swap Management

HTLC based atomic swaps are introduced in BEP3, to facilitate payment and asset exchanges between different blockchains. For BC fusion, in the first sunset hardfork, the creation and deposit of atomic swaps will be disabled, project owners (e.g., cross-chain exchanges, bridges) and users should be aware of this and take proactive steps.

Query Atomic Swaps

The atomic swap api is provided to query existing atomic swaps. Usually, user can provide a from address to query the related atomic swaps, for example:


The response will contain a lot of useful information, such as id of the swap, the asset of the swap, and other information.

Handle Atomic Swaps

Before BC Fusion

A user can proactively refund his/her atomic swaps by sending HTLC Refund transactions to Beacon Chain. The command to send such transaction is looks like this:

./bnbcli token refund --swap-id <swapID> --from <from-key> --chain-id Binance-Chain-Tigris --trust-node --node

If no proactive refunds are submitted, in the second sunset hardfork, all existing atomic swaps will be automatically refunded to the creators’ accounts on Beacon Chain. The refund will proceed in many Beacon Chain blocks, depending on how many atomic swaps still exist on the blockchain. After refund, users should be able to find the assets in their accounts. Then users can handle the assets as other BEP2/BEP8 tokens. For how to cross transfer them to BNB Smart Chain, please refer to this tutorial.

After BC Fusion

If the refunded assets are not transferred to BSC before the final sunset fork, users need to use the token-recover tool to get their binded BEP2/BEP8 assets. For more information, please refer to this tutorial.

For Atomic Swap Project Owers

Because in the first sunset hardfork, the creation and deposit of atomic swaps will be disabled, so project owners need to disable related functions in their projects IN ADVANCE and notify their uses to take proactive actions to refund their tokens.