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Quick Guide

Here’s a quick guide to get you from zero to hero. This doc provides a guide to the following ideas:

  • Greenfield & Programmability concepts

  • Understand what you need to build your project

  • Access resources to get you started

Greenfield & Programmability Concepts

Greenfield 101

Read Greenfield Overview here

Uniform Address Format

Greenfield defines its account in the same format as BSC and Ethereum. It starts with ECDSA secp256k1 curve for keys and is compliant with EIP84 for full BIP44 paths.

Account Operation

Create a greenfield account, deposit BNB, and program token transfers.

Data storage

Create a public bucket to upload and share objects.

Permission control

Create a private bucket and share it with specific individuals.

Enhanced permission control

Cross-chain Programmability

Developer Starter Kit




Developer Resource

Storage onramp