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Network Information

RPC Endpoints

The RPC Endpoints you may need to know to connect to Greenfield.


Greenfield and BSC account systems are fully compatible, using the same address format. This allows users to easily transfer their BNBs between Greenfield and BSC. The following cross-chain bridges are available.



Block Explorers




DCellar, as the inaugural application built on the BNB Greenfield, serves as an ultimate client of the BNB Greenfield network. Besides Basic file management and asset management functions, DCellar can also greatly assist developers in comprehending the functionalities of Greenfield:

  • Basic File & Asset Management: With Dcellar, both developers and normal users can upload, store and share files very easily, as well as transfer in/out tokens easily. Besides, DCellar supports batch operations, you can upload, download, delete multiple files at a time. Check it out →

  • NFT Storage and Minting: With DCellar, developers and users can conveniently store their NFT resources and associated metadata, enabling them to easily mint their own NFTs. Compared to alternative solutions, DCellar provides a more intuitive interaction process, ensuring a seamless experience for users. Check it out →

  • SP Connectivity Verification: Greenfield network clients can leverage DCellar to upload and download files to their Service Provider (SP), thereby verifying the correct connection of the SP to the network. This feature enables users to ensure smooth and reliable communication with their chosen SP.Check it out →

  • Web Server Functionality: DCellar also functions as a web server, allowing users to effortlessly upload their frontend code to the platform. By setting the uploaded content to public access, anyone can access your web application simply by opening the universal link. This feature simplifies the process of hosting and sharing web applications.Check it out →

Here are the domain names for DCellar: - Mainnet: - Testnet:


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