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Feature Lists

As a decentralized storage network, Greenfield provides a rich set of features and playability. This article documents the key features and their development status on Greenfield. Please stay tuned.

Feature Name Description Status
Ethereum compatible address Greenfield supports Ethereum compatible address format, which means users can continue to use Ethereum compatible wallets and accounts Mainnet
EIP-712 transaction Support structured signature method of EIP-712, making the signed message user-readable Mainnet
Governance Validators can vote on proposals through governance, including modification of various module parameters, validator joining and exiting, new SP joining, cross-chain contract parameters, etc. Mainnet
Permission staking Support validator joining and exiting through governance, validator delegate/undelegate operations Mainnet
Greenfield <-> BSC token transfer Support bidirectional cross-chain token transfer between BSC and Greenfield Mainnet
SP basic operations Support new SP joining, viewing current SP, modifying SP information, and updating SP storage prices, etc. Mainnet
Bucket operations Support creating/updating/deleting buckets Mainnet
Object operations Support creating/uploading/downloading/deleting objects Mainnet
Group operations Support creating/updating/deleting groups Mainnet
Billing system Users need to pay storage and reading fees for objects stored on Greenfield. SPs earn corresponding income through corresponding storage services. Greenfield uses a stream payment method to calculate fees Mainnet
Permission management Greenfield provides rich permission management functions, which can assetize data stored on it and open it to certain users. Greenfield supports adding or deleting permissions for individual users or groups at the bucket and object level Mainnet
Resource mirror Greenfield supports mapping buckets, objects, and groups to BSC. There is a unique NFT on BSC corresponding to the data and resources, and developers can build various smart contract cross-chain management of resources on BSC, providing rich playability Mainnet
Universal endpoint Users can access files stored on Greenfield through any SP in the SP network Mainnet
Folder Greenfield supports prefix queries and delimiter queries for files within buckets, allowing dApps to organize folders on top of Greenfield Mainnet
Data challenge Greenfield uses the data challenge scheme as a guarantee of data existence. Greenfield will randomly challenge the data segments stored on SPs. Users can also challenge any data segments stored on SPs to ensure that SPs correctly store their data Mainnet
Data recovery Data recovery is used to ensure that the original data can be recovered when certain data is lost on SPs, ensuring the reliability of user data on Greenfield. Greenfield supports various forms of data recovery: 1. Data will be automatically recovered after data challenge succeeds. 2. Data will be automatically recovered when users find that the data is unreadable. 3. SPs can selectively recover some lost data through tools Mainnet
Large object and breakpoint resume Greenfield supports breakpoint resume, which improves the efficiency and user experience of object transfer Mainnet
SP graceful exit When SPs want to exit voluntarily for some reason, Greenfield can support SPs to migrate the previously stored data to other SPs and then exit, so that the freedom of SPs is ensured without affecting the availability of data on Greenfield Mainnet
Migrate bucket Greenfield supports users to migrate their bucket from one SP to another Mainnet
Expiration time for group member Greenfield supports setting expired time for group members Mainnet
Link with opBNB Build native cross-chain bridge between Greenfield and opBNB Mainnet
Resource tags Support setting tags for bucket, object, and group Mainnet
Cross-chain permission module Enable add/delete permission from BSC/opBNB smart contracts Mainnet
Atomic update Support update object other than delete and create again Testnet
Greenfield as DA layer Make Greenfield as the DA layer of the other Blockchains such as opBNB and BSC Design
Permanent Storage Support for permanent object storage Design
Off Chain Auth Streamline off-chain authentication on Greenfield Mainnet
SP as the upload agent Primary Storage Provider acts as the upload agent for object creation on Greenfield Mainnet
Greenfield Storage Fee Paymaster A storage fee paymaster solution for sponsors to cover storage costs on Greenfield Mainnet
Cross-Chain Programming Improve Greenfield cross-chain programming capability Mainnet