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March 2023, Testnet Congo

  • Support Ethereum compatible address and EIP-712 transactions
  • Support cross-chain token transfer between BSC and Greenfield
  • Support storage management, including bucket, object, and group operations
  • Support stream payment billing system

May 2023, Testnet Mekong

  • Support mirror storage resources from Greenfield to BSC, and cross-chain programming paradigm on BSC
  • Support permission management on buckets, objects, and groups
  • Support data challenge

September 2023, Launch Mainnet Lena

  • Support SP standard framework
  • Support SP join by governance
  • Support data recovery
  • Support large object and breakpoint resume transfer

December 2023, Mainnet

  • Enrich the ecosystem by building abundant toolchains and programming paradigms, such as data marketplace, NFT toolset, data migration toolset and so on
  • Link Greenfield with opBNB
  • Greenfield bundle service
  • Resource tagging and indexing

March 2024, Mainnet

  • Cross-chain permission control
  • Support the free exit of SP
  • Simple data migration
  • Object atomic update

June 2024, Mainnet

  • Enhance user experience of using greenfield and cross-chain programming
  • Paymaster
  • Data availability layer for BSC and L2 blockchains

December 2024, Mainnet

  • Support off-chain generic computing
  • Support permanent storage
  • Higher performance

For additional information, please refer to the BNB Greenfield Roadmap Proposal.